Community Water Fluoridation in Florida

Community water fluoridation is the precise adjustment of naturally occurring fluoride for optimal dental health.

The Florida Dental Association has created a website providing current and accurate information regarding community water fluoridation. They are hoping to reach policy makers and community members that may have questions regarding fluoridation efforts in Florida and around the country. The efforts to inform Floridians about community water fluoridation is important because of the controversy that has shrouded this topic over the years. Local government officials and community members may not know what to think about the topic because of the misleading data and scare tactics that are used to discredit the benefit of fluoridated water. Refer to this invaluable website to get clear and important information about how fluoridation improves communities’ health and to see if your area has fluoridated water.

Scientific evidence supports water fluoridation as the most effective, safe and cost-effective public health measure to prevent and repair tooth decay.

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